The 24" and 48" SmartTool Digital levels contain the SmartTool Builder's Angle Sensor inclinometer module permanently mounted into a durable aluminum frame.  The level includes an indestructible horizontal spirit bubble vial and a plumb spirit bubble vial.  Durable plastic endcaps protect the level when dropped. 

These SmartTool levels are perfect for professional carpenters, framers, plumbers, concrete workers, and hobbyists who demand accuracy and precision beyond any other digital level in the world.  It is the standard for inspectors and builders of ramps and floors that must be in accordance with the American Disabilities Act's (ADA) strict requirements.

24" Digital SmartTool

24in SmartTool Digital Level

$135 Buy

48" Digital SmartTool

48in SmartTool Digital Level

$155 Buy
The SmartTool Digital Angle Sensing Module is the most flexible, most accurate digital level in the industry. The Builder's Angle Sensor Module with it's custom inclinometer is the exact same module that is found permanently mounted in the 24 and 48 inch SmartTool levels. It can be used stand alone or in many accessories including M-D's Carpentry and Construction I-Beam levels ranging in length from 24 to 96 inches, some with magnetic strips. The Builder's Angle Finder Module's small size makes it perfect for use as a quick, pocket sized level for almost instant measurement of all angles, not just level and plumb.

Digital SmartTool Module

Smarttool module

$125 Buy

Module Accessories

Smarttool Magnetic Bracket
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